Fruits and Veggies That Are Safe for Dogs

dog eating watermelon

June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month (though, in our opinion, every month should be dedicated to eating healthy)!

While you’re remembering to swap your fries for a salad, think about offering some fresh fruits and vegetables to your dog as well. They’re much healthier and lower in fat than some meat-based treats, and they come with a side of vitamins and minerals that can boost your pet’s health. The best part? Your dog won’t even know the difference.  A treat’s a treat.

However, some foods that are perfectly healthy for people can cause health problems in pets. Avocados and grapes are two examples of food items that surprisingly are quite toxic to dogs. But apples (except for the seeds) and bananas are perfectly safe snack items for your dogs.

To help us keep it all straight and avoid a trip to see us here at Lange Animal Clinic, we found a helpful chart on Imgur detailing which fruits and veggies are safe to feed a dog—and which are not.

Here they are:

fruits and veggies-dogs

For more information on which foods may or may not be suitable for your dog- please consult with a Lange Animal Clinic veterinarian.